Would You Support Coach Radio?

Coach RadioI’m a bit nervous asking this question today, but so many people have asked me to offer donations lately, I’d really like to get your take as a reader of Coach Radio. I asked my newsletter readers last week and was encouraged to hear their thoughts.

If you have 20 seconds (it will literally take you less time to take this survey than it does to read this post) I’d love your guidance on accepting donations at Coach Radio.

First, to answer your questions, Coach Radio will always be free and you won’t ever be required to pay for a subscribption.

I’ve been honored to hear many people want to donate to Coach Radio (it’s much cheaper than one-on-one coaching if you like the information) if I would include the option to do so.

So, here’s the survey. Will you answer three questions (honestly) and let me know your thoughts? You’re in the driver’s seat here. If you want to discuss something specifically, leave a comment and let’s talk.

Thanks for being a huge part of the community. I wouldn’t be here without you!

Author: Justin Lukasavige

I help businesses do business better and I love what I do.

  • Jack Lynady

    Justin. I love the content of the show and am thankful it is free. I like that u brought up this topic. As I pursue my own content creation aspirations, I am observing this balancing act of others. It is the how much do u give away and when do u start charging phenomena. Accepting donations is interesting because many (myself included) give to ministries, churches, organizations, etc. that have made a personal difference in our lives. That being said. I think most people “donate” because they believe the organization wouldn’t exist otherwise. In other words, donations are the primary or only source of revenue. In the case of coach radio, that’s presumably not the case. The fact that u have listeners that want to donate speaks volumes about the personal value u are bringing to them. That’s a huge compliment. Love what u bring. J

  • I appreciate your insight, Jack. I agree, many of e non-profits are much more in need than I am. I’m not implying this is the case, but I wonder if people donated (or hired any coach) to grow their business so that they could then make more money and donate more in the long run to charity. Something to think about.

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