Updated Podcast Studio Tour [Coach Radio]

By popular demand I finally finished all the small details of my studio makeover. After 20+ people asked for a studio tour, I was motivated to knock it out.

I’ve completely converted a contractor’s storage shed (in the backyard of our new house in the mountains of Colorado) into a full-fledged studio where I do all of my video and audio recording. Scroll down to see pictures of the process.

This is the latest setup of the studio where I produce most of the video and audio for Coach Radio. I don’t find it important to invest in a lot of equipment. As long as you sound decent, first figure out what you’re doing and gain some experience.

[tentblogger-vimeo 29754480]

Need help? Book a few minutes on the phone or Skype with me. I’d love to help.


  • Camera
    • Canon HV30
  • Computers
    • 21.5″ iMac
    • 13″ MacBook
    • ASUS nettop
  • External monitors
    • HP 2009m 20″
    • Hanns-G 19″
  • Mackie 1202-VLZ3 mixer
  • ARTcessories HeadAmp4 headphone amplifier
  • Edirol R-09HR digital recorder
  • Heil PR40 microphones
  • Rolls MM11 micmute
  • Behringer Multicom PRO-XL compressor/limiter/gate
  • Proline tripod (this thing rocks!)

Questions on gear, getting set up, or marketing? Leave them in the comments and lets talk about it.

From Shed to Studio

OK, so here’s a shot of my backyard. The building on the left is what I’ve converted into my studio.

If you’re interested in the backstory, here’s what I started with: a storage shed for the previous owner, who is a contractor. There was one window (if you could call it that actually since it was just a single plate of glass) on the left wall. Notice the single light bulb on the ceiling.

Since we moved to Colorado in May, I thought I’d just move everything into the shed and work for a few months in the summer while I got a feel for the spot.

Coach Radio

Then, we got six inches of snow. And with snow comes cold.

Coach Radio

I quickly covered everything and got to work. I didn’t move anything out yet because I didn’t have anywhere to go.

Coach Radio

I had a space heater in here, but it just couldn’t keep up with the cold. The warmest I could get was about 65 degrees. Not good when it’s chilly.

The first thing I wanted to do was pull down that shelf above my desk and put in some insulation and a ceiling to keep the heat in. That’s my youngest, Brie, excited that it’s finally warming up.

Coach Radio

I also needed to put in a real window to further contain the heat. I’ve moved my equipment out by now (and have also gotten tired of setting it up and taking it down) and begun working from my bed. Yeah, not as comfortable as it sounds.

Coach Radio

I worked from the bed with my laptop, but still needed to record some radio shows. I set up a temporary studio that I used in the afternoons in the other shed.

Coach Radio

Notice the particle board desk. Just a few weeks before it held power tools and gas cans.

studio tour

My next order of priority was wall insulation and real walls. While I was at it, I thought it’d be nice to add a second window for more light.

podcast studio

Then, finally . . . heat! I was excited because this was the first time it had been at least 60 degrees in a while.

Coach Radio tour

The holes were patched up, then everything was primed.

Radio station tour

Next up was real color and some lighting. There was only one inconvenient power outlet, so I added two more and also ran ethernet cable here from the house for high speed video and audio streaming.

podcast studio tour

Next up was the floor. Since we’re in the mountains and I’ll be walking through snow at times to get here (45′ from the house) I wanted to avoid carpet and unnatural stuff like linoleum. I thought bamboo or hardwood would have been perfect, but the price tag was about $600 . . . for a shed!

Colorado has a problem with beetles killing the pine trees. I was able to connect with Rocky Mountain Forest Products, a lumber shop about 45 minutes away, and they had a great solution. They salvage pine, mill it, then kiln dry it. They made me some tongue and groove flooring at just the length I needed.

Coach Radio studio tour

All I did to the pine was put a few (more than a few actually) layers of clear coat on it to protect from water. Here’s everything after getting moved back in. That’s my video camera to the left.

podcast studio tour

Eventually I pushed my desk all the way to the left wall and moved my microphone over to the right, just in front of the window. The only thing left was trim. Since it was sold in 16′ sections, it proved to be a challenge to get it home.

microphone tour

Now, it’s all trimmed out, furniture is moved in, sound deadening is hung on the walls, and you’ll notice there aren’t many cables on the floor.

Check out the video at the top for the full tour.

Questions on gear, getting set up, or marketing? Leave them in the comments and lets talk about it.

Author: Justin Lukasavige

I help businesses do business better and I love what I do.

  • Great post. Love the walk through of the stages of the project.


    PS what are you climbing this morning. Want to do red rocks in the morning?

  • Looks great Justin! I loved the artwork that was behind you at the beginning of the tour. It looks amazing.

  • Ryan Brewer

    Cool tour! Ive really been wanting to see the whole thing complete

  • Thanks, Ryan. I hope it inspires. 

  • Thanks, Joe. The artwork was found by my wife, online.

  • Thanks, Jon. I have to be back at 9:30 am tomorrow. Friday? Email/text/dm me. 

  • Incredible space to create! I’m planning to build an L shaped desk for my office. Dimensions are about the same. Great idea for sound deadening panels. So what about that great chair? When you have time can you give us more info? 

  • LOVE this chair!

    It’s the Steelcase Leap. Expensive but worth much more than I paid for it. http://www.amazon.com/Leap-Chair-Steelcase-Fully-Featured/dp/B000LSME00/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1317749524&sr=8-2

  • Cool stuff Justin.  I have an unfinished basement (it’s framed) that I plan on putting an office in so I can move my office downstairs.  This gives me some inspiration!

    Did you do any of the work yourself?


  • A basement was our original plan, Craig. But with kids, I couldn’t get far enough away to not be distracted if I was in the house.

    I did 100% of the work myself, though Christine (my wife) did help me hang the drywall on the ceiling.

  • Jonathan Brown

    Nuts & Bolts … good stuff !

  • Very cool!!  I thought I heard you say in the video a contractor did it.

    Do you have experience doing that kind of thing?  I’d like to do mine myself but am not sure I have the skills.

  • A contractor used to own it. If you scroll through the pics you’ll see the studio as his former workshop.

    I do have experience remodeling homes. Nothing major, but I’ve knocked down some walls in my day. 🙂

  • I do have a friend who is more experienced than me and has offered to help.  Maybe I’ll send you pictures of my new office soon.  😉

    Thanks again for sharing!!

  • Wow, even more gear coverage than the first tour. What a gearhead! Does it feel a little like a cockpit?

    The transformation is great. The wide angle on your video camera is excellent. I’d love to do some video, but I need pretty extreme close ups for some of the shots and then something more wide angle for perspective and conversational shots. Guess I need to do some research.

  • I’ve actually downsized on gear since the last time. Simplicity is best. I got rid of an entire computer and I’m thinking I could get rid of one more.
    I love this video camera, by the way. I have a 28mm wide angle lens on it.

  • Dustin Fluke

    Do you use skype through your voip phone or do you have a separate voip provider and use skype purely with the computer? I’d imagine it’s cheaper to go with a voip provider vs skype credit. I’ve been trying to decide if I want to run my own phone server or just use something like skype. That’s a nice polycom phone too. Thanks for the tour. It’s really neat.

  • Skype is actually much cheaper than VOiP, but not a credit. I have a yearly subscription with a phone number. I do have both however but use the phone more.

    My phone service is through http://vocalocity.com. It was great when I had a large company: greeting, multiple extensions, custom hold music and menus, etc.

    I’m thinking about getting rid of it and using Skype exclusively. The quality is a bit worse at times though.

    This phone won’t work directly with Skype, or I’d use it in a heartbeat. The quality should be about the same.

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  • Daniel Hayes

    Hey, Justin! Your video tour motivated me to finally do a blog post on my office shed build! Thanks, friend. Next time you’re in San Antonio I’ll give you a guided tour of the entire 12′ x 12′ space, ok? In the mean time you can check it out here:  http://danielhayes.me/build-an-office-shed

  • Sweet, Daniel. This is 2′ bigger than mine. Looking great!

  • Anonymous

    Hey justin, Came across your video tour while i was looking for podcast equipment. thanks very much reall game me an idea of what to go for. can i ask. thinking about buying macbook pro for recording my podcast. can you recommend one to me. also going back to collage so it will benifit me for that to.

  • Glad I could help. I actually spent a lot of time talking about that in the last 2 shows. Check out http://www.coachradio.tv/197-coach-radio-book-publishing-adsense-tracking-downloads and http://www.coachradio.tv/195-coach-radio-avoiding-non-paying-clients and let me know if you still hav questions.

    Happy to help.

  • Anonymous

    thats great il check them bought out and il get back to ya.

  • Tony33hill

    hey Justin, cool vid. Just how did you get the audio from skype phone to the mixer?
    Thanks again. Tony

  • Tony33hill

    justin, another quick question. What is the ring/tip connector doing on channel 11/12?

  • Tony33hill

    spotted that – keyboard

  • You got it. 🙂

  • Thanks, Tony. Audio comes from the computer through USB. Main computer audio in this video comes from the audio in/out, though I just replaced all these computers with a MacBook Air / Thunderbolt display. No audio ports, so all of the audio comes through two different USB ports.

    Here’s how to get your picture here, by the way. We’d like to remember you. 🙂


  • Tony33hill

    Thanks again

  • Tony33hill

    hi again Justin, still stuck on skype phones. How do you get the skype audio to the board?

    I’m not running a skype phone just taking skype of the PC into the mixer and then as you suggest using aux sends for audio (all other audio except speech taken from the same pc). Not yet tried so not sure of the success.

    Nothing as sophiscated as your studio, using a spare bedroom running a phonic 1202a board, 2 pc’s, sennheiser 825s microphone, beyer dt100 cans and a little audio switcher to select either record on the PC or the digital recorder. Planned to record skype calls onto the Edirol R-09HR. Pix soon.

  • Skype audio comes from the computer just like any other audio, Tony. I use an adapter such as this:


    In your Skype settings, set the audio out to that device, along with the audio in (from your aux).

  • Pat

    what kind of desk is that and where did you get it?

  • Ikea

  • Pat

     Thanks Justin..Love the set up by the way. We have a TV studio right now but need to set up part of it to do a radio show. I noticed in the video you showed how you hooked up your computer sound and Skype separately. I’m curious how you did that since the sound coming out of PC is coming from one port or line out of an audio card. How did you split the signal since they its coming from one source. And how did you do that mix minus thing? Could you elaborate on that?


  • Just select the audio source in Skype, Pat. If you’re sending it to USB, select that one. I do everything through multiple USB ports now. Skype is one and computer audio is another.

    Google the mix minus thing. You’ll find great 20 minute videos explaining it better than I can with text. 🙂

    Here’s how to get your picture here, by the way. http://coachradio.tv/pic.

  • Jordan

    Hi There, I was just wondering what type of broadcasting software you use for a Mac?


  • Hey, Jordan. I stream the video to justin.tv through Adobe’s Flash Media Live Encoder, but you don’t need to use it. You can go live right on their site. I’ll create a blog post soon showing how I use CamTwist to package it neatly.

  • Kenyante

    Hi, Justin I am so thrilled in the work you put in building/remodling your shed and transforming it into something so comfortable!; If I may ask what did it cost you to remodle your shed minus the technical equipment?, and if so were there any blueprints involved?

  • Thanks, Kenyante. Can’t remember the total, but less than $2,000. It was a fully working shed and I basically just added a ceiling, walls, floor and two windows. Pretty simple so no blueprint needed.

  • Hey Justin,  I love your sound and purchased a similar setup  that I have running but can not figure out how to get rid of this static that only comes into the recording when one of us talks on Skype or on one of our two mics.  I get a perfectly quite background when nobody is talking.

    I have my two mic (Shure SM58s) and Skype going into the Behringer Multicom Pro XL.  I then come out and into the Mackie ProFX12 Mixer via XLR cables.  The mixer has USB so that is why I purchased this model, but it does not have all the OUTPUTS like your mixer does, mostly just inputs.

    Issues I have.  My meter on my Mixer and also on the Behringer never move.  Well the Beringer one moves a little on my Skype channel when the skype guest talks.  If I turn the gain down in the mixerI don’t hear the static but it is still there only when speaking in the recording.

    I can’t seem to get the gain right.  Even if I turn the gain up all the way I get two maybe three green bars to light up on the mixer meter.  Anything less and I get no bars on the mixer meter.

    Any hints or tips?


  • Are you on a PC, Steve? Sounds like there might be a ground loop issue (google that). I also highly suggest staying away from USB. There are latency issues and negates most of the reasons you’d buy a mixer and all the equipment.

  •  Thanks Justin.  Yes I am on a PC.  I removed the behringer gate, and everything else from the mixer and just hooked up my Shure SM58 mic via XLR to the Mackie ProFX12 mixer.  I have the gain almost 100%, it’s at 75% up and the slider is all the way up at db10.  The mixer “main Meters” led bars still only show two green bars (so 20) in that meter.  If I clap right next to the mic really hard I can get to the yellow bars on the mixer leds.  Phantom power is OFF. 

    Could it be these Shure SM58 mics I bought?  Do I need a mic that uses Phantom Power?

    Also if I hook the Behringer multicom pro into the setup I get a low static sound.  I have tried every button and knob on the multicom pro and it’s still there and it records the static into my podcast.

    My mics, and skype go directly into the Behringer and then out of that into the mixer, then out of the mixer to a portable recording device.

    I am going to spend today looking up ground loops, but wanted to get you some more details.  Thanks again for all your help. – Steve

  •  Interesting – If I play your tour video from the PC into the multicom MDX4600 I see the meter on the MDX4600 work fine (the input/output and gain reduction).  Also is sounds clear with no static.

    When I use my mics I never see the meter come on the multicom MDX4600, I just see the gate light come on and off.

    I can hook just my Mic to the back of the multicom MDX4600 and set a bomb off in here and the meter never shows anything.  The gate light opens and closes, but nothing at all on the meters on this multicom.  This is on the same Multicom channel that I just played your video audio on and it meter worked fine.

     It’s like these SHURE SM58 mics need something to record at a higher level. 

    Thanks, Steve

  • The MDX4600 can be tricky to set up. Did you go through the manual to do so? It’ll take a while and then even longer to tweak to your liking.

    You’re using the correct Y cable to go from the mixer to the compressor and then back to the mixer, right?

  •  Hey Justin,

    Thanks.  I have my mics connected directly into the MDX4600 via XLR.  Then I come out of the MDX4600 to the Mackie Mixer with XLR  then out of the mixer to a handheld recorder. 

    I wanted to connect the mics to the Mix and then go to the MDX4600 and then to the recorder but the Mackie ProFX12 does not have individual outputs for each channel, just inputs for each channel.  The only outputs are 1 USB and two XLRs on the back and then a main out 1/4 on the mixer upper right. 


  • Gotcha. I’m not familiar with that setup or that specific mixer. I’d give my friend Cliff (@gspn) at http://podcastanswerman.com a call. If he can’t get it working quickly, then no one can.

  •  Thanks Justin, that’s way above and beyond. 

    I can’t hear myself in the headphones so I turn the gain way way up and then can hear myself so I know I am close enough so the gate is open to record my voice.  And the static that I have to get out of each recording is kind of a pain too.  I will also check out Cliff’s show.


  • Thanks Justin.  I just ordered the same mixer you have and hopefully that will solve my issues or at least get in closer.  Your mixer has more outputs on the back so you can get to your MDX4600 and back easier I think.  And I think your MICs go into yout Mixer first and then to your MDX4600.  The setup I currently have I have to plug my mics into the MDX4600 first and then go to the mixer.  So your model mixer will allow me to switch that.  Thanks, Steve

  • Yup, that’ll solve the problem. That’s what that Y cable is for. The insert jacks should solve your issue.

  • Chrisboggsctlr

    Hey It’s Chrisboggsctlr from youtube.com. I’m using skype/blogtalkradio to broadcast my show – as well as take and talk with guests. You mention in your tour that you negate the loop that they would hear via skype, but I can’t figure out how you do it.  Can you give me some pointers? Thanks

  • It’s called a mix-minus, Chris. You need to bring Skype audio in (isolate this channel into the mixer, usually through USB), then use an aux port to send everything EXCEPT Skype back to that same USB.

  • Stevegriswold

    Thanks Justin.  The Mixer like you have arrived.  I think this will work now.  I am not 100% clear on how to use the Y cables for the insert jacks to and back from the MDX4600.  I have one mic setup right now on the mixer via an XLR cable to make this simple.  

    So I plug in a Y cable (a single 1/4″ stereo) into plug 1 on the back on the mixer.  Then I plug in the TWO mono ring and tip plugs into the MDX4600 channel 1.  Correct? 

    I tried this but did not get audio back to the mixer, maybe I had the ring and tip reversed at the back of channel 1 on the MDX4600.

    Also I noticed you have 4 1/4″ (channel 1-4) coming out of the back of your mixer the the MDX4600 but only two mics.  Are you using the two other channels on the MDX4600?

    Do you send your Skype channel to the MDX4600 and back?

    On another note.  Your Computer Audio input that goes into your mixer is that for sound effects or for skype?

    Does your Skype OUT from the Mixer go to your MDX4600 or to your computers MIC in jack?

    Sorry for so many questions and thanks again for all your expert advice.


  • You’ve got it, Steve. I do believe they need to be in the right order on the MDX4600 so try reversing them. Your mic should run directly to the mixer in this setup.

    I don’t send Skype there but you certainly can. I’m only using the first two channels.

    I have two channels from the computer. One is for Skype and the other is computer audio.

  • I don’t think those mics use phantom power, but if they do, turning it on should make them work. My mics don’t require phantom power.
    I’d give my friend Cliff a call at http://podcastanswerman.com. Tell him I sent you and he should be able to help you get it set up quickly for little money.

  • What a fantastic studio space! I especially appreciated the “before, during and after” photo tour. This is inspiring to see how a space like this can be converted in stages. I hope to one day have my own (cozy) space to work. 

  • And when you do, be sure to share it, Alana.

  •  will do!

  • Jmunchbach

    Justin – 
    Dude! Love the video. I’ve been listening to you for only a couple weeks and I had envisioned something VERY different for your studio. NICE! In fact, you are my inspiration for my garage over-haul. I’m in the final phase of re-modelling my 2-car garage. I’ve blown thick foam insulaton, installed an AC unit (Houston, unlike Colorado, requires serious AC…), suspended shelving everywhere, an insulated wall down the middle so that I can use the 8’x20′ area for “The Money Bible Radio Show” and the other side for working on my cars and keeping my Harley out of the sun.

    My equiptment is a lot like yours. I have the Mackie 1402 and the Behringer peak/limiter/gate along with a Behringer head-phone amp and I have a JK Audio (innkeeper pbx for multi-line phones…). Currently, I’m set up in my State Farm office but that’s a temporary deal… I just got my gear set up a couple weeks ago. 

    Looking forward to interviewing you on The Money Bible Radio Show! Thanks for all you do, Justin. I appreciate you!

    Love in Christ

  • Awesome, Jim! Your setup is also more elaborate than I had imagined. I’m looking forward to being a guest. Your show sounds great.

  • Justin, The swiveling mic arm that you use. What kind of mic holder is that? Does that hook onto your desk? Also I am using a Shure SM 58 mic. Would the type of mic arm your using work with my style of microphone? Currently I have 2 types of mic stands. I have a desktop one which is not adjustable and it sits too low. The other one is a regular type floor standing microphone stand, which I have had for years. It works pretty decent but it is somewhat in the way since it sits on the floor by my feet and blocks me from being able to get at my keyboard easily. I would much prefer something that when I am done, I can just swing it out of the way.

  • It’s a mic stand by Heil, Ryan. It does hook to the desk with a c-clamp. It’s a threaded mount, so as long as your Shure is the same size, it should work perfectly.

    I love the shock mounts that you see in the video. They’re expensive so I started with one. The mic without support was so bad that I immediately ordered the other..

  • I really hate to sound stupid, but what does a shock mount exactly do?

  • Basically suspends the mic on rubberbands. Expensive ones. 🙂

    Without it, everything dropped on the desk (even a pen) is picked up in the audio.

  • Hkproducer

    Hey there been trying to reach you. I sent an email a week ago. Kindly get back to us.
    214-517-8206. Thanks

  • I just tried calling and received a message that says your voicemail hasn’t been set up yet. I didn’t see your message last week so it must have gone to spam. Please fill out the form at http://coachradio.tv/contact so I can get the correct info for you.

  • Stevegriswold

     Thanks again Justin.  I got the same mixer you have and now all my issues are gone.  🙂

    I do have one question about taking live calls.  So I have myself setup via the mixer and my co-host on Skype.  I have the Mix Minus setup like you do.  I plugged in my iPhone into channel 9 on the mixer (ring/tip) to headphone jack on the iPhone.  I can hear the caller fine through the mixer but my skype co-host can not hear them. 

    Is it possible to have someone on Skype, someone calling in on my iPhone and myself all able to hear and talk with each other? 

    If it is, I have the same mixer you do and a quick post on what end of the cables to plug in where would get me going.  I don’t understand the AUX Send and AUX knobs.  I believe that would send the audio to the caller but must have it wired incorrectly or the AUX knobs off in a place that needs them active.


  • I haven’t tried using my phone this way, Steve, but it should work. You’ll need to be sure to turn up the aux send on all the channels for Skype out, EXCEPT the Skype channel. So your iPhone channel needs to have the Aux send for Skype turned up to the same level that you have all the rest of the Aux sends set to.

  • What kind of headphones do you use? I ordered some behinger ones on amazon but it seems like the sound keeps going in and out on them. Also, I use the same config you have but wonder, do you hear a constant hiss on the headphones all the time? It seems like whatever setting I change, I still get this hiss. The callers don’t hear it but it gets annoying. Thanks in advance. 

  • You shouldn’t have issue with anything made by Behringer, so if the signal is going in and out, I’d exchange them for a pair that work. The model # isn’t important. Mine are about $20 retail.

    You shouldn’t hear a hiss. Sounds like it may be a defective pair of headphones. I’d swap them out and see if it’s still there.

  • E.A. Hall

    Hi Coach,
    It’s me again, Libby. Wanted to ask you if you know anything about audio interface! I have an M-Audio Fast Track. I see that you don’t have one however,I was told that an audio interface will assist in a better sound? Second question, you have so many cable coming out of your mixer, are they going to a desktop or a laptop and if a laptop is that why you have the pluggable usb port? Finally I’m unable to affort an $800 Canon but I do have a Panasonic 700x Digital Zoom, can I use this as you use your Canon for videotaping shows? Thanks for you help.
    I appreciate all you’ve taught me.

  • An interface simply converts analog (microphone) to digital. But that’s already happening, otherwise the computer wouldn’t be able to read the signal. You’re wasting your money if you buy an interface as it does nothing for you if you’re already using the setup I show in the video.

    I only have one signal going from the mixer to the computer and that sends everything to the person listening on Skype. If you don’t have anyone on Skype, you don’t need to send a signal to the computer. I record on a digital audio recorder so I have a signal going to it from the mixer. The Skype signal does get in to the computer via USB.

    Also, don’t confuse all of the cables. Most of what you see is going IN to the mixer. Very few of those are going OUT.

    You should be able to use most cameras that have a Firewire port. There is no definitive list of what works though since it’s software driven and up to the manufacturer. You’ll have to test your Panasonic to see if it works.

    Actually, I see your question is simply recording. Any video camera will record since that’s what they do. If you want to STREAM your show, you need firewire on your camera and computer.

    I don’t see that your camera has firewire or mic input, though you can add your audio later if you’re just recording your shows.

  • Thanks. You were right!

  • Vpino

    Hey Justin, great office. Congratulations. You have everything you need without the overhead.


  • licensr_jan

    Hi Justin
    Great tour! Thanks for sharing.

    I have pretty much the same gear as you (just arrived):
    – PR40
    – Mackie 1402-VLZ3
    – Behringer MDX-4600
    – Zoom H4N audio recorder

    Would it be asking too much for you to post a diagram of your cabling setup? Nothing fancy, even hand drawn would be fine. But I think it would really help out a number of people. 🙂

  • Jaydz

    what printer do you have?

  • An Epson 4830 I think. Just got rid of 2 laser printers to simplify to a single WiFi printer. Don’t use paper much any more.

  • Drmrsdad

    Hello Justin, thanks so much for your time and effort in sharing your set-up. You’ve opened my mind up to much of the ignorance I have with doing my own radio program. 

  • yp-economy

    I’ve been asked to join a internet radio station to talk about personal finance issues “Your Personal Economy” will be the name. I’d like to have live call-ins on the show too. I’ve heard some good things about google voice for this, you have any insights on it?

  • Google voice only allows you to dial through google and connect another phone. You may be referring to gmail chat, which also allows you to make calls without having an existing number.

    The technology isn’t as developed as Skype, which also adds chat to the person you’re talking to. The call clarity is better as long as the person on the other end is also on Skype. That’s the way I’d go and you can also add a number so people can call you.

  • I don’t know how it took me so long to see this post (i’m ashamed). LOVE this post Justin and your not-so-new office looks awesome.

  • Thanks, Rob. It’s constantly changing.

  • Bianca

    Hey Justin! I thank you for sharing all this information, you ROCK!!! I have one question that I don’t think you really went into… I saw your IP Phone and the Jabra set up, what did you do to make that work and with what?

  • The phone doesn’t feed into the setup which is why I didn’t cover it. The best way to bring a phone call in is to use Skype.

  • Ty Anderson

    Hi Justin,

    I have three questions:

    1. Do you have a diagram of how you setup your components? Inputs & outputs, etc.

    2. I really interested in how you setup Skype. Do you have two outputs from your mac that input in to the mixer?

    3. Does the Edirol R-09HR record the tracks separately? Or, does it only record the mix?

    a. I’m looking to preserve each track separately.

    Your tour is good stuff.



  • Hi, Ty. I haven’t put a diagram together but I took some time to describe it in the video as best I could.

    I do have two outputs from the computer into the mixer to isolate Skype. That’s what it’ll take to do a mix-minus if you want to bring a guest on and NOT send his signal back to him. You need to minus it from the mix he hears or he’ll get an echo of his voice. Use USB converters for that.

    The Edirol (which isn’t manufactured any longer) records only one track. You’ll probably have to do that with software.

  • Minister Jacquee’ Pate

    Great post Justin! Can you tell me if you have a special set-up for doing commercials or advertisements on your radio podcast? If so, Does it require special software or equipment?

  • The setup seen here will work either with or without. Soundboard is a great tool for queueing audio on the fly if you’re on a Mac.

  • Brian Gavin


    New listener here–thanks so much for the tour. Your shed is the space of my dreams-away from the house, comfy and ideal for creating!

    I’m building a studio in my home office for a project I’m going to do with my daughter. We’ll be live streaming (audio), as well as recording podcasts. Did I understand correctly that you have Skype AND your computer audio going from the same computer into the board? (I’ve seen many broadcasters with dedicated Skype computers).

    At times, I’m going to be streaming audio to my server, have Skype running, and have music/clips . If I can do this on one PC (or Mac) straight to the board, it would simplify things a lot.

    Also–love the table! Is that all one unit, or did you have to purchase 2 of the Galants and put them together?

    Thanks so much, and have a great weekend!


  • Thanks for stopping by, Brian. Glad you enjoyed it.

    I used to have a dedicated Skype computer but there’s no reason. Just run another audio out from a USB if you need to and select that as a Skype only audio channel. It looks cool to have a lot of computers but you don’t need them.

    Since doing this video I’ve now gotten rid of all these computers and run everything from a MacBook Air and a Thunderbolt Display. Much easier and more simple.

    That’s one Galant with some extensions and a table running along the other wall, same color.

  • Brian Gavin


    Thanks for the reply! I’m about 60% done with my space (in the house, but a dedicated room). Got a nice desk at Staples, and am going to base everything off of the MacBook. I have to use 2 monitors for work, but when it’s time to “broadcast” just going to use the Mac, and one of the monitors. Simple is definitely better.

    By the way, I listen to a lot of podcasts of various types, and I have to say, I’m really loving how yours flows Conversational, friendly, but still still packed with great info. I’ll definitely be pointing my small listener base towards your show.


  • HCMedia

    Hey there! What are those chairs by the door for? This question is reeally bugging me!

  • Just chairs with no better place to put them. Want to buy them?

  • Elton Mclean

    hi justin,on your mixer is it a usb mixer or just a regular mixer? i am interested in getting me a mixer for my radio show but dont know if i should go usb or just plain up regular,as i am new to the adding componets scene,i been running my show with just a desktop and using a laptop for production a research

  • Definitely go through your audio ports, Elton. USB is too slow in both directions to get a reliable, high quality feed, especially if you end up doing live streaming.

  • Elton Mclean

    any recomendations?

  • You bet. I have an equipment list in the post above.

  • Elton Mclean

    nice mixer but cant see paying 300 bucks for a mixer its not even in my budget,how can i use a mixer if im using a usb mic?

  • Elton Mclean

    ok if i got the usb mixer could i hook it up through audio ports instead of hooking it up through usb?

  • You’ll need to read the directions for whichever mixer you purchase.

  • k justin i got my mixer the harbinger L802 8 channel,now just need to know how to hook it up where i can take skype calls,and what cables i need,i have 2 1/4 to 1/8 cables and 2 headphone to rcas,do i need any more?and will my audio technica ATR 2500 usb Mic?

  • A search for mixer mix-minus should give you the help you need.

  • Wow! so realistic. I really like the way you have put it alltogether I really like because you are not faking it. ♥

  • Could you share info about your desks?

  • Sure. They’re the Galant from Ikea. Super-great desks. 🙂

  • Great desks… too bad they are now discontinued. Thanks for the tour and advice on this page. Would you have any advice on studio lighting? I’m looking to build a new studio in a brand new 8×10 room. Due to Triplets toddling around the house, I am trying to build this so everything is off the ground, and if possible suspended on the ceiling.

  • I haven’t done much in the way of lighting. I’ve instead always tried to have a lot of natural light since it also energizes me. 🙂

  • Djeleazar Maldonado

    Hello Justin, quick question on software you use to broadcast & Encoder? mac or Pc? im currently using PC but looking to go MAC

  • Hi, Djeleazar. I’m all Mac here for the show. It tends to handle multimedia really well with a lot of available software on the market.

    No need to encode everything. When I was broadcasting live I was streaming initially through Ustream and then justin.tv. I’d use YouTube if I was still doing it today.

  • Jamie

    Justin, tell me what you did for heat. I’m in a similar structure. Window AC in the summer works fine…and I’m using a Blue Flame propane heater that works down to about 25 degrees outside…So I get about 9 1/2 months use…

  • Just a simple baseboard heater, Jamie. It doesn’t have any problem, even down to -15°F. Though when it’s that cold I prefer to work inside by the wood burning stove.

  • Jamie

    Thanks! Really. What brand, size etc? Is it 110 or 220? What’s the sq footage of your space? I have 16×20…my ceiling (the roof) comes to a peak in the middle. I don’t have any insulation in the walls or ceiling.

  • It’s going to be the lack of insulation that throws a wrench in it for you, Jamie. I’m not sure where you live or what the climate is like but if lacked insulation here in the mountains of Colorado it’d be unbearable in the winter. There aren’t many consumer heating devices that can keep up with that.

    Most baseboard heaters run on 240v but I didn’t want to run another circuit so this just runs off 120v. It’s nothing special but does well in the 8×10 space.

  • Jamie

    Ohio (BRRR!)….Thank you! I will plan on insulating.