Six Figure Coaching Model

Six Figure Coaching ModelImagine waking up every day doing something you love. Thousands of people struggling right now and they’ll gladly pay you for what you know . . . if you’re up for the challenge. The secret to helping people and making money while doing it is in packaging and selling your knowledge in a way that helps your clients succeed.

I’ve created the Six Figure Coaching Model so you can make money while helping people. If you’re not making money, you’re probably not helping many people.

The Six Figure Coaching Model comes in two options: Free vs. Premium.

If you’re just starting out as a coach you can’t go wrong with the free version. It includes:

  • A working six figure coaching model for you to copy
  • FAQs about making the model work for you
  • Insight into putting on group seminars and coaching
  • A list of the tools I use
  • Ideas on how and where to find clients

For the more advanced coach or the one who is trying to increase his income, I recommend the premium version. In addition to everything offered in the free version, you’ll receive:

  • My current coaching model with the real numbers from my business
  • A list of what I promote to earn affiliate commissions and how I do it
  • An inside look at membership sites
  • Details on how I’ve cut the time I spend coaching in more than half while increasing my income

Still don’t know where to start? Get the free version. If you like it and want to know more you can always upgrade.

Free Version – $0 of course

Download the free version.

* Premium version is currently not for sale.

Justin Lukasavige

Justin Lukasavige