Learn From These Real Life Stories as You’re Starting Your Business

blank pageA few months ago I started what I thought would be a mini-series here on Coach Radio.  I started highlighting a few people who were doing some of the same things our listeners aspired to.  By interviewing them it was my hope that you’d be inspired to carry out some of your own ideas.

Well, it’s exploded into much more than that as you can see here

I’m reminded that the next page in my story is blank and so is yours.  You have the opportunity right now to write that page.  What’s going to be on it?

The people in these interviews aren’t waiting, they’re writing that story right in front of you. Listen in to hear how they’re doing it.

A Recap of Your Story Episodes



Alex and Luke – Not happy in life so they decided to let people on twitter tell them how to visit every state, province, and territory in North America, where to stay and what to do



Adam Baker – Paid off debt, moved to Australia, traveled the world, built a brand and turned his website into full time income



Layla Palmer – Almost lost everything, now makes full time income from her website



Sutton Parks – Has lived out of his car to follow his dream and has one of the best outlooks on life I’ve ever seen



Jared Miller – Passionate about helping people in third world countries run profitable businesses



Gregg Pechmann – Paid off $2,500,000 in debt so he could do what he loves



Andrew Krieman – Just starting out as a life and career coach for people who are climbing the corporate ladder



Greg Ng – Building a brand by doing video reviews of frozen food



Eric Sherer – An air traffic controller by day (and sometimes night) turned Financial Coach



Dallon Christensen – Burned out on his full time gig, Dallon has been inspired to help small businesses



Brent Green – Travels for his full time job and is quickly building a network of coaches to assist people in their careers



Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo – A couple who are using the experiences they’ve learned in saving and improving their relationship to help others do the same



Cliff Ravenscraft – Wasn’t able to help and inspire people as an insurance agent in the way he most wanted to so now he hosts 20+ podcast per week and is excited about going to work



Kevin Metzger – Has an audacious goal of reaching dads around the world with a positive message



Andy Traub – Loves helping businesses become competitive through their use of technology



Susan Snyder – Has been self-employed for many years and shares he knowledge of raising kids at the same time



David Siteman Garland – Has a non-boring approach to helping businesses succeed



Patrick Garmoe – Quickly became known as a player in social media and PR



Deb Ingino – Traveled the world building businesses for a major brand and is now focusing on helping people discover themselves



Howard Sheppard – Can’t shake his ability to help sales professionals improve their skills



Pierce Marrs – A love for helping the small business owner succeed keeps him going every day and is the inspiration for his coaching business



Jay Peroni – An inspiring story of building business from scratch, only to walk away, refocus and do it better…time and time again



Rob Clinton – Discovered that we don’t need to be cramming our lives around our careers but instead, planning our lives first



Kent Julian – Made $4,000 his first year in business and $126,000 in his fourth



Jon Jantsch – Wrote the book on marketing your business with referrals



West Connor – Tells me how anyone can get on TV



Joel Boggess – Talks about writing a book (and follows it up with an incredibly successful book launch)



Christopher Browning – An amazing story about overcoming failure



Derek Sisterhen – From dreams of being an investment banker to becoming a Financial Coach



Kevin Miller – Self-employment almost ruined his marriage, and then saved it



Alan Jackson – Talks about using accountability to stay on track



Jeff Kosola – Build a (big) brand while delivering pizza



Jon Tollefson – Monetizing a love for wakeboarding and snowboarding



Jonathan Pool – From Mechanical Engineer to Career Coach



James Dibben – Turning his experience in construction into a business to help contractors price their services



Jennifer DiDonato – A personal trainer not limited by geography



Jon Dale – Six Figure Consulting



John Bergquist – On his way to monetizing his work as a Connector


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Author: Justin Lukasavige

I help businesses do business better and I love what I do.

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  1. Put my hat in the ring for Howard Sheppard, Jon Tollefson, and Jennifer DiDonato. Why? Because it looks like the Detroit area is producing some really cool people, that’s why!! Oh yeah, did I mention I’m from Detroit too :-)

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