Upload Video to Multiple Platforms with Oneload [How To]

Where do you upload your video? YouTube is a must; it’s owned by google and is the world’s second largest search engine.

Most of the videos I embed on my sites come from Vimeo. It’s a clean player and since I’m a Plus member, I can customize the look to get just what I want. However, since YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, your videos also need to be posted there.

With oodles of video sites you’ve never heard of, you no longer have to guess where to upload your video. Instead of spending hours uploading to one site at a time, Oneload makes it easy. (I’m an ambassador for Oneload but was not paid to post this.)

In this video I show you the process I use to upload a video once and distribute it to six video sites in the amount of time it would take to do it only once.

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Amazon S3 for Coaches and Small Business

This post and video is by my friend Deacon Bradley from LifeStoked.com. He helps people create more freedom, more money, and more fulfillment through lifestyle businesses. Through frequent use, he’s become an expert at Amazon S3 and I’ve asked him to share how to use it for small business. Check out the video and dive in to the text if you need an inexpensive place to host files.

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There’s a handful of tools that I recommend coaches and lifestyle business owners to implement no matter what their niche. They are tools to enhance your client experience and polish your the professional feel of interacting with your business.

One of those tools is Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). Sadly, S3 goes largely unused by the majority of small businesses and bloggers because it’s not crystal clear what it is or how to use it. After reading this article though you’ll have three very powerful ways that Amazon S3 can help in your own lifestyle business.

What is Amazon S3 anyway?

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Get 4,000+ Downloads of Your Kindle Book in One Day [How To]

It’s been said that writing your book is only 10% of the battle while the remaining 90% is promoting it. If you have written a book and self published it, but don’t have a strategy to get your book noticed, then this post is specifically for you. I will be cover strategies and tactics for promoting your book on Amazon.


Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select

I won’t spend much time on this part, but some may not know about the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program. The KDP Select program is Amazon’s plan for growing their lending library, so that Kindle owners, who are also Amazon Prime members can download books at no charge. If you agree to enroll in their program you will get paid a split of a pool that KDP has every month based on some fancy calculator work.

Here is where it gets good!

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Get Featured on Kickstarter [How To]

kickstarter-badge-fundedJohn Bergquist directs all communications and media creative ventures for The Directorate, which became a staff pick within 24 hours of launching on Kickstarter. I asked him to enlighten us all on some of his recently gained knowledge in crowd funding.

How important is your campaign video?

Honestly I think the video is the most important component for the campaign, any campaign. We first did the animatic, which is the first part of the video, as a pitch piece for investors about a year ago. We got so much positive response from it that we decided to make it the anchor for the Kickstarter film.

The video is what hooks people and gets their attention in the first place. Once they watch it they can see we are serious about making the game and paying attention to detail.

As a Kickstarter addict, I see a lot of projects come and go. The core element of successfully funded projects is a compelling video. We chose to make ours a polished professional pitch since we are focusing on design, UI and media so heavily in the game itself. Plus it was incredibly fun to shoot and direct.

We really could not have done it without our very talented team and help from friends like Sean Brown and Amy Hunter. It showed what is possible. Max Mitchell’s music composition alone was incredible.

How much time did you put into creating your video?

Oh my. It took about three days of filming across a few weeks and I would say about a week and a half of post production and editing. That doesn’t even include scripting, storyboards, illustrations and animation. It was a great effort on the part of many talented folks with a wonderful result.

How did you arrive at your funding goal of $235,000?

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MeetingBurner for Online Meetings [How To]

We’re using a new meeting solution to lead classes at the Free Agent Academy called MeetingBurner (affiliate link). They have a great (and free) platform for up to 15 people, which is where I would start. This video walks you through how to use MeetingBurner as a participant.

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More tutorials

Save Time Typing with TextExpander [How To]

TextExpander is a neat app for the Mac that has so far saved me over 10 hours of typing. See below to see how you can get a free copy of Text Expander.

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Do you use a program to save time typing? Which one?

Smile Software has given me three copies of TextExpander Mac, along with three promo codes for TextExpander iOS to give a way. Leave a comment to enter and tell me how you’ll use your copy. I’ll choose six winner randomly on Monday, April 9th, so hurry and leave your comment.

New Twitter ID and Survey Results

twitter idA few weeks ago I wrote about changing my twitter ID. Since I started on twitter in 2008 I’ve been using @pastdue, the brand of my first radio show.

Since I don’t host that show any longer, it was starting to make less sense to use it, and it doesn’t have as much meaning the years go on.

So I asked you, my faithful friend, to help me think of a new name. Above are those results.

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Buffer Your Tweets with and Easy App and Plugin

Each morning I scour through many blog posts in my RSS reader and share out the most interesting and helpful ones on twitter. To avoid overwhelming my followers, I’ve begun using bufferapp to spread my tweets over a predetermined schedule throughout the day.

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