Are You Consistent?

calendarThe problem with consistency is that life gets in the way.

My wife, Christine, does a great job on her personal blog, but travel, kid’s schedules, and events get in the way. She loves doing it but sometimes it takes a back seat.

Like most, I’ve been pretty good with Coach Radio, but I have spurts where it’s tough to get something out.

I blog to develop my own ideas, to connect with people, and as a marketing tool. Sometimes business is good and I put less of a focus on creating content. The problem with this scenario is that blogging is likely a major reason for the good business.

Visiting an untouched blog is a lonely feeling.

I blog nearly every day. I don’t get upset when something isn’t released, but I don’t let my content get lonely. I use the WordPress Editorial Calendar to see what’s happening and when. Time for writing is also on my daily calendar.

I’ll expand on this more in tomorrow’s newsletter so join me there if you want the inside story.

What about you? What’s your consistency and how do you stay on top of it?

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Author: Justin Lukasavige

I help businesses do business better and I love what I do.

  • Not even close to being consistent enough. In fact I was thinking 15 minutes ago about the law of sowing and reaping. How today I got a call from seed that was planted 3 years ago. The truth is if I don’t keep planting I will never see the harvest.

  • I frequently have people who hire me because of work I did more than 12 months ago. Keep at it, Travis!

  • John DiMare

    Hi Justin, Much like you and I were discussing yesterday. Blogging to develop your own ideas and flesh out directions and decisions. OK I am acountable now to fire up the Blog When I return from Cary. Thanks for the Plug in tip as well.

  • Justin,

    I have blogged once every week (minus a couple of times) for about 2-3 years now. It is adding the next things where my consistency falls apart. To combat this I am just focusing on adding one thing at a time.

    Josh Bulloc
    Kansas City, MO
    How can I help?

  • I do suggest only adding one thing at a time. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed.

  • Jason V

    Nothing worse than searching about Family Vision and finding that 6 of the 7 great articles have NO comments, and the last one had 1. Only 1. And they were good posts. Personal, challening, motivating. But they went no-where. Even 2 people with e-books that had absolute NO comments on their blog. #FAILURETOLAUNCH Seems like they need to call JustinLukasavage.

  • Thanks, Jason. There’s some great info out there, but if people don’t know
    about it, you’ve failed.

  • Just ran across this post. It is a very timely read for me because I am working at consistency. My goal for my blog is to have new content on it 3 times a week. That is starting to come easier, but is still a struggle. Thanks for the work you do. It is an encouragement.

  • The key is to pick specific days of the week. If 3 is your #, then perhaps Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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  • MsMonetteM

    Consistency is definitely an issue for me!! Stephen Covey’s organization calls it – Chronic Inconsistencies, we know what system to follow to make sure an event/meeting goes well but we are inconsistent to follow the pattern, hence, we don’t achieve the desired outcome. I’m shooting for Incredible Consistencies – follow the pattern over and over to produce great results. Now to consistently do it!!!

  • I like that, Monette. It’s about taking that first step and following
    through over and over again.