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Justin Lukasavige coaches people to do business better by using the power of their personal stories. Justin graduated from college with a degree in aviation and immediately became a commercial pilot. Knowing it wasn’t the story he wanted to live, he began coaching people to get out of debt. He grew his business so quickly (with the help of coaches and mentors) that other business owners took notice and asked for advice on doing the same. Justin is currently working with a handful of startups and non-profits in marketing and product.

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More About Justin Lukasavige

OK, commercial airline pilot…you got all of that. If not and you want the full story, check this out.  It’s from episode #1 of Coach Radio:


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I’m president of Lukas Coaching. My team has helped people get out of debt, do work they love, and start businesses that have changed the world. I’ve done all of those things, first as a Financial Coach (that’s a long story), then helping with traditional careers. I was good at both of those, but quickly found people better than me, so I hired them.

I host two shows each week within Coach Radio. The main show is where I answer questions and help people build their businesses. I also interview interesting people and tell their stories each week to inspire and motivate you to think differently and do bigger things.

Sometimes you’ll hear me co-hosting the Free Agent Underground with Kevin Miller. We help listeners become self-employed and put legs on their business ideas.

Andy Traub and I also co-host on the No More Mondays Show, on behalf of Dan Miller (author of 48 Days to the Work You Love). I love the freedom of being self employed so I talk about it a lot.

After receiving no less than 140 emails asking how to become a better blogger and build an online community, I launched Need a Topic. It’s fun crafting three updates each week with suggested topics, tips, and techniques.

I have over 30 years experience in bucking the system and trying to find ways to do things better (yeah, ever since I was born). In traditional jobs (like flying airplanes) that sometimes got me in trouble with management.

Above all else I’m a husband to Christine and a dad to Ava, Amanda and Brie. They’re why I do what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Here are 25 more things you probably don’t know about me and while we’re at it, 12 things I hate about myself.

Work with me

I work with a limited number of people each month, primarily through three different ways.

  1. I work very closely with business owners to help them build equity.
  2. Grab a seat around the kitchen table and we’ll work one-on-one.
  3. Join me at the Free Agent Academy and you’ll also get to work with a bunch of my closest friends and mentors.

If you don’t know where to start or if you’re stuck, send me an email with your story. I’ll do my best to help.


I travel the world speaking and training.  I’ve spoken on Caribbean cruises, in the mountains of Colorado, and many places in between.  You can find out a bit more and book me on my speaking page.

Where I Am or Have Been

Connect with me on LinkedIn for for the full story.

What Next?

Subscribe of course. 😉 If you have questions, let me know and I’ll help.

36 thoughts on “My Story”

  1. Helpful, helpful, very helpful. You are equipping us. I plan to study your site. Thank you.

  2. Quote from your interview recently: “Classes, books, and people are everywhere to help you start your business and become profitable. You owe it to the people who need your help to figure out how to start your business and become profitable.”

    Do you have a list of “basic intro to business” books? i.e. nuts and bolts of basic financial getting started? (billing, receipts, basic business plan, calculating expenses and overhead, etc.)

  3. Hi Justin
    I see that you use Standard Theme software to run your site.
    I must say when i watched there video on it i was hocked.
    But i’m a careful buyer so wanted to get your own feedback on it. 
    I’m looking to create a small project for myself based on game reviews for IOS and
    android platforms.
    I will be using audio and video implements.
    Iv been awhile searching website development kits but most seem 
    very daunting and time consuming.
    I also have downloaded six figure coaching model and very much look forward to reading it later.
    May i say your doing great work and i wish you well.

    O and one more question, does it contain website domain creator. 

  4. Are you sure you was a comercial airline pilot?

    To be a comercial airline pilot you should have a perfect vision.

    You, you have view glasses.

  5. I’d say most pilots don’t have perfect vision actually. The military is the last hold out, but they have such a demand, they’ve even begun to lift that. The requirement is that your vision be correctable to 20/20.

  6.  Hi Justin:

    Thanks for referring people to my recording of Seth Godin’s ‘Stop Stealing Dreams.’  It seems that the recording made the manifesto a little more accessible to people that might not have time to sit down and read the entire manifesto. 


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