A New Way to Prove an Idea

double-bambooCrowd funding is changing the way we prove ideas. It used to take tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket to bring an idea to market. Then you need to get it in stores and that’s when the sweating begins.

Will people like it? Will it sell? Will they tell their friends?

Now that sites like Kickstarter exist, you no longer need to invest your own money. It’s become easy to prove whether your idea is great by creating a concept, telling a few friends and crowd funding. If it’s great, the concept will spread like wildfire and you’ll raise enough money (sometimes pre-selling your product) to people truly interested in helping bring it to market.

That’s what’s happening with this eco-friendly money clip right now. Just less than one month to go and they’ve already raised seven times more than their original goal. Over 300 people (including me) have told these guys their idea is great, and have pledged to back the project.

Do you have an idea you want to test? Will you use Kickstarter or another platform to do it? 

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Author: Justin Lukasavige

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