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Free, commercial use photos. The photos are curated and you can browse by category.

Examples of correctly and incorrectly using QR codes. One of my favorite incorrect ways: QR codes on your website and in your email signature.

In59seconds posted a video about the secrets of persuasion.

[tentblogger-youtube ydchCy5WF_I]


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1 thought on “305 Coach Radio: More Free Commercial Use Photos”

  1. Great discussion on QR codes. I know you guys didn’t like the idea of putting a QR code on a tombstone, but if done right, I think it can work. By encoding a URL, you can link to a page dedicated to the deceased, including videos, pictures, etc. I’ve even read about embedding a LCD screen that plays a video directly in the tombstone. I think it is a great way to remember loved ones.

    There are some great uses of QR codes. One particular one is on a can of CRC Heavy Duty Silicone Spray (of all places). When you scan the code, you can view product specs, instructions in English and Spanish, go to the CRC home page, and more. Unfortunately, there is not a URL listed (it uses a Bit.ly redirect) but at least the landing page looks good on a phone. Here is a review I wrote about this particular QR code: http://scanthisguide.com/qr-code-reviews-crc-heavy-duty-silicone-spray/

    There are more good examples of good QR codes but I agree with you two, it is still new technology. It seems that there are more bad examples than good examples but QR codes are versatile enough to be used in some creative ways that would really help a business.

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