298 Coach Radio: Growth Plans

January 2, 2014 — 3 Comments

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We discuss growth plans and ideas for the year ahead on today’s show. Marketing ideas to drive the growth of your business for the next 12 months.

Getaway to focus on planning, trade shows, conferences, Google AdWords.

Upcoming events and travel plans: Outdoor Retailer (winter and summer), gear testing trips, Real Estate shows, Opticon (April 14, 2014)


Need help? Justin and Josh are available to consult with you on your business or idea.

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  • http://www.MyLegalJoe.com/ Joe O’Keefe

    Enjoyed the episode and the discussion about planning sessions to kick off the year or the quarter. Do you guys use a certain outline when you plan those ‘retreats’ or have certain topics you’d suggest? It sounds like Josh and his wife have certain topics they cover on certain days, but I’d be interested in hearing more. Thanks again for the great show.

  • http://www.brownleathercouch.ca/ Joshua Gordon

    Hi Joe!

    This year, we’re taking a simpler approach to our planning weekend. Essentially, we’re going to be working through a few things:

    1) What do we WANT to do this year?
    2) What SHOULD we do this year?
    3) What will we STOP doing this year?

    And then, we answer complete these statements:

    1) At the end of 2014, we will be MORE ____________, and LESS _________________.
    2) In order to achieve this, we will kickstart these routines:
    - ______________.
    - ______________.

    Does that resonate?

  • http://www.MyLegalJoe.com/ Joe O’Keefe

    Yah. I was curious if you worked through an outline or a book but that sounds good. Hope it went well.