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December 17, 2013 — 11 Comments

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I think most businesses are concerned about sending more traffic to their website instead of trying to better convert the traffic they already have.

Google local has greatly improved over the years. If you’re not on it (and you don’t have to be a local business) you’re missing out.

I’m running a test on a video I made wit Makewebvideo and it’s had great results so far. And I’ve only paid $99 for the video and spent about 2 hours making it with no software needed.


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  • Todd

    You would enter the series as
    100%; 1+%changeExperiment1; 1+%changeExperiment2; 1+%changeExperiment3; etc

    ex. 100%; 101%; 105%; 150%

    Then apply the PRODUCT function across those cells.

  • http://coachradio.tv/ Justin Lukasavige

    I knew I could count on someone, Todd. Can you give me an example of how the formula would look?

    I can apply product and add 1 to each but can’t figure out how to put them together.

  • Todd

    you would type =PRODUCT( ) into a different cell. The single parameter would be all the cells with data (100%; 101%; 105%; 150%) per my example. So the parameter might be A1:A4 for instance.

    Now as best I can tell this would at best be an approximate calculation and assumes everything exists within a vacuum which is most likely not true.

  • Todd

    When I mean approximation, the thing you are missing is some kind of weighting factor. For instance, an A-B test that improves results 50% that drives more “webinar signups” should be interpreted very differently by the principals of a firm than an A-B test that improves results 50% in which people are signing up for monthly service with their credit card.

    Without some way to proportion each experiment, you are going to be comparing apples to oranges imo.

  • http://coachradio.tv/ Justin Lukasavige

    Hmm, I tried that but it’s not it.


    That returns a value of 4.12% which obviously isn’t correct.

  • slm4996

    To know what percentage your sales have increased you have to have a start date and the number of sales at that start date. Then simply calculate the increase each month from that date ignoring the intervening months. Same result, less crazy math.

  • Jason

    I found a cheaper alternative at http://killerexplainervideo.com They seem to have a wider range of templates as compared to makewebvideo and its all done for me at just $65. You might want to check that out

  • http://coachradio.tv/ Justin Lukasavige

    Good find, Jason! Thanks for posting.

  • PreEngaged

    1 x (1.01)^52 = 1.677688… a 67.77% increase for the year with one percent improvement each week.

  • http://coachradio.tv/ Justin Lukasavige

    Can you give me an example of how to set that up in excel with multiple entries?

  • PreEngaged

    I just sent you (via e-mail) a spreadsheet that should serve you well with some bells and whistles. Let me know if you have any questions. :)