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Show Topics:

  • Software to keep track of clients, notes, and calendars
  • Website domains and hosting services

coachradio-coverHermes: What system do you use to keep track of clients notes, future follow up events and such? What do you recommend? Is there something connected with a calendar?

Hermes hit it on the head with this question.

Many software packages exists, but few have integrated calendars. I talk about why that’s important. I use a mix of Salesforce, Evernote, dropbox, and Google Docs to keep track of everything.

Timm: I am wondering about your comment a few years back about problems purchasing domains from one company and then using another service (like Blue Host) for domain hosting. Is this still an issue? It’s been suggested that I purchase the domains on godaddy (affiliate link), and then set up my blog through Word Press. I am wondering if Word Press will become a domain host for my website (using their blog function), or do I need both word press and something like godaddy/bluehost? I like the idea of using a one-stop service like blue host, but am concerned about costs potentially escalating.


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