221 Coach Radio – How to Market a Product if You Hate Marketing

April 10, 2012 — 14 Comments

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Show Topics:

  • Metric / English measurements (not sure how that got in here)
  • How to market a product when you hate marketing
  • Building an online community

coachradio-coverJoshua Gordon joins me again to answer your questions. Email them or call (919) 355-8275.

Scott: OK Justin, you know me really well. And, you’re also a customer! People who’ve seen my apps love them. When I can get them to leave a review in iTunes, they use phrases like “great”, “awesome”, “wonderful”, “elegantly designed,” “delightful”, “really useful”, etc. My brick wall is this: I cannot get the word out. And my reason is this: I dread (and perhaps even despise) the process of getting the word out. If I had the proverbial $5 million in the bank and could do what I wanted to do all day, I would be creating the apps and throwing them OVER the brick wall to somebody else to go and market them for me. I have ZERO interest in the marketing research and selling aspects of the business, and try as I might, I can’t get myself truly interested or motivated to do so. I know the mantra that you must be able to sell, and I can give mental assent to it, but I just can’t make it happen. I get drained just thinking about it.

  • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

    Can’t wait to hear this weeks podcast. I really enjoyed the insight Joshua brought to last week’s show!

  • http://www.thenonconformistfamily.com Joshua Gordon

    Thanks, Joe!! That’s awesome to hear, man! 

  • http://scottkantner.com Scott Kantner

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the awesome feedback via the podcast.  You totally lifted my spirits regarding “the marketing thing.”  Perhaps when I come out at the other end of the tunnel I’ll have enough info to create an eBook entitled “Reluctant Marketing 101″ 

  • http://coachradio.tv/ Justin Lukasavige

    Josh is now the anchor.

  • http://coachradio.tv/ Justin Lukasavige

    I’d pimp that book for you everywhere, Scott. :)

  • http://www.thenonconformistfamily.com Joshua Gordon

    Points for using the word ‘pimp’, Justin…

  • http://www.thenonconformistfamily.com Joshua Gordon

    Just ask me to be your regular co-host, and I’ll say “You had me at ‘hello'”, Justin…

  • Erik Johnson

    Thanks for the feedback, Justin & Josh.  It helped to get some direction.

    I’ve just started the blog at wordpress.PodcastTalentCoach.com.  I’ll use your suggestions for guest contributors and see what I can get started.

    Thanks again for the help.

  • http://www.ontargetcoach.com/ Brent Pittman

    Just listened to podcast. Any chance you could get a marketing intern for the summer from local university or community college? That might could get the marketing ball rolling, at the very least be a fun summer. 

  • http://scottkantner.com Scott Kantner

    Probably possible.  There are a couple of schools in the area.  The challenge would be to find someone who could actually be helpful and hit the ground running!  I would not have the time to train them in any way.

  • Michael De Rosa


    Thanks for the feedback to my question. I like what Joshua and you said and am going forward.  I particulary like using google docs as a means for people to write guest posts.  I will want to work on this for later use.

    Thanks, again!


  • http://coachradio.tv/ Justin Lukasavige

    Glad we could help. Here’s how to get your picture here. http://coachradio.tv/pic

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathanael.schulte Nathanael Schulte

    Scott – I’m just listening to this now, but when the guys started suggesting churches as a target market, I thought of myself, being a worship leader. I don’t have an iPad, so I can’t say I’ll be buying the app right now, but I can tell you that the most helpful app / website we found as a team was recommended on the Vineyard Worship Podcast (http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/vineyard-worship-podcasts/id280094561). That was for worshipteam.com and we use that all the time now. Vineyard Music has HUGE reach, and if you can get them talking about the app, I think you’ll see a lot of benefit from it.

  • http://scottkantner.com Scott Kantner

    THAT is a tremendous idea!  Thanks Nathanael!