200 Coach Radio – Do Impossible Things: Joel Runyon [Your Story]


Show Topics:

  • A challenge to do impossible things
  • How to stop living a normal life
  • The importance of professional photos for your website

Joel RunyonJoel Runyon is challenging you to do impossible things, and join him as he travels and does the same.

Joel was tired of living the “normal life” so he decided to do something about it. He create the impossible list, then set out to do it.

Joel graduated, couldn’t find a job, then settled for working at UPS. Fast forward to today, he recently quit his job and has no idea what he’s going to do next. Sound fun?

A few links from this show:

  • Spyr Media – the web firm that Joel recommends
  • Six4Eleven – the team who provided the great photographs you see on Joel’s website – be sure to check out the promo video they put together
After the show, Joel encouraged me to launch an idea I’ve been toying with. As a matter of accountability, you’ll see it launch in the beginning of January.

Connect with Joel Runyon on twitter and facebook.

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  • jasonvandehey

    Justin, thanks for doing this story.  His Manifesto is good, and not too complex.  Really builds on / resonates with AONC and Storyline. 🙂  I wish I had the courage in life to attempt impossible things and follow-through on them years ago!  

  • You’re following through now, Jason. That’s what matters.