196 Coach Radio – Funding a Business: Kristin Glenn and Shannon Whitehead [Your Story]


Show Topics:

  • Idea to funding
  • Teams in different cities (and other parts of the world)
  • Designing and manufacturing a new clothing line
  • Kickstarter success

Revolution Apparel

Kristin Glen (Denver, CO) and Shannon Whitehead (Austin, TX) created Revolution Apparel a few years ago in Sydney, Australia. They wanted to create a business that combined adventure, passion, and purpose. The outcome was a women’s clothing line that’s eco-friendly.

Kristin and Shannon went through a process of designing a new piece of clothing called The Versalette.

Instead of raising capital through venture capitalists or traditional loans, (Kristin and Shannon both hate debt) they decided to raise capital and test the market by using Kickstarter. Their initial goal was to raise $20,000, but they’ve long since surpassed that mark.

Connect with Kristin, Shannon, and Revolution Apparel on Facebook and twitter.


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