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Show Topics:

  • Traveling the world as a photographer
  • Documentaries through photos
  • Freelancing and not settling

Charlie GrossoCharlie Grosso is a world-traveling photographer and has been a commercial photographer for over 10 years. She grew up in Taipei which inspired a current project called Wok the Dog. It’s lead her to 22 countries and she has 19 left before she finishes the project.

Charlie used to be advertising focused and now focuses more on documentaries.

At 18 years old, Charlie got herself into photography and hasn’t settled for doing anything she doesn’t love.

“Freelancing is not the thing for you if you’re not ok with uncertainty.” – Charlie Grosso

To make it as a photographer you need to be fascinated with business, Charlie told me. She’s educated herself on marketing, sales, and growing her business, which has lead to much of her success.

Believe it or not, Charlie travels the world with old-fashioned film. Listen to hear why, and how she gets it all through security without being x-rayed.

Among other things, Charlie’s future hold a few books: Wok the Dog will be a book, another book (Catch me if You Can – travel stories mixed with travel tips); an art gallery with a business partner (just wrapped up Fall season and looking at next); and working with non-profits, NGO’s, and UN for advocacy relationships.

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