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Show Topics:

  • Moving around the world on a whim
  • Stepping up, with no experience
  • Doing what’s right, regardless of money
  • Speaking to elementary and middle school students

Matt LangdonMatt Langdon is an Australian living in Michigan and constructing heroes. He began a computer science degree in Australia and detested it.

Matt stumbled on an article about a guy who just came back from a summer camp in America and he thought it sounded fun. During the first summer, Matt was a general counselor and did many things, none of which he had experience with; including kids.

Matt created the Hero Construction Company to help turn kids into heroes; real heroes, not the kind you see in the movies with capes. Real people who step up

“The opposite of a hero isn’t a villain; it’s a bystander.” – Matt Langdon

Matt specializes in working with grades four through eight and, as you can tell from the interview, is obviously passionate about what he does. He doesn’t do assemblies because it’s too easy for kids to zone out, rather, he impacts one classroom at a time.

Matt also discussed some exciting developments in his business along the way and some products he’s desgined to help kids and schools who are tight budgets and may not be able to bring him in to speak.

Connect with Matt Langdon on twitter and Facebook and thank him for the work he’s doing to impact the world.


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  • Ivan Bickett

    As the guys from Brotherhood 2.0 would say, Matt is DEFINITELY DECREASING WORLD SUCK! Way to go, Matt!

    I love the part of the discussion where Matt pointed out a lot of people will refrain from being a hero b/c they’ll think, “Am I going to embarrass myself by helping out here?” I actually sent myself an email this morning with notes so I can talk about just that! I had my first allergic reaction to my allergy shots yesterday and almost went home instead of to the doctors b/c I kept going, “What if I’m just overreacting? What if this is nothing and everyone there laughs at me and I look like a fool?” I was parked in the parking lot and almost put the car in reverse and drove off.

    Glad I didn’t b/c I WAS having a reaction. I was given 18 TIMES too much serum in my shots (decimal error).

    But due to fear of embarrassing myself I almost went home. Now I could have went home and been fine. Or I could have went home and my throat swollen shut and then I wouldn’t even be able to talk to call 911 for help. Both were viable options.

    So I’ll be video blogging on not letting fear of embarrassment keeping each of us from what we KNOW we should be doing.

    Great show, guys.


  • Things worth doing are worth embarrassing yourself over. 🙂

  • Thanks Ivan. Embarrassment is a major hindrance in all of our lives.