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Show Topics:

  • Giving away 20 books, an iPad 2 case, and a Kodak Zi8 with wide angle lens
  • Why we wait and don’t take risks
  • Twitter lists
  • A reader’s take-a-way from Become a Coach


I gave away a copy of Content Rules to Judi the farmnin’ wife this week. I’ll be giving away 20 more books, a Saddleback Leather iPad 2 case, and a Kodak Zi8 in the next few weeks. Be sure to subscribe if you want to be notified.

David Nash: “I just started a new job in a totally new field using well seasoned skills. The change has called for a lot of sacrifice now for a much better long term reward…but my family is already reaping new benefits! So, why do you think we wait so long to make the jump? Laziness? Apathy? Fear? Are all those “intangibles” really worth what we lose to “stay safe”?”

I don’t think those things are worth it. What if it takes 2 years to become self-employed? Would you still do it? What about five or ten years? If the answer is no then you probably haven’t found the right idea.

Drew: You should podcast about how to be just “whelmed” instead of always being OVERwhelmed.

Jason Vandehey: using twitter lists.

Mark Gamble took detailed notes and sent me his take-a-ways from reading Become a Coach. I share those on the show.


I’d love to help you turn your ideas into a business that changes the world (and your bank account).  Here’s how.

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Author: Justin Lukasavige

I help businesses do business better and I love what I do.

  • So, How good is content rules? Must-have for bloggers? Nice to have? Is it worth the price of 2 months of Need a Topic? Better to delay buying webspace for 2 months to buy?

  • Content Rules is a great book. Especially for someone just starting out trying to fit it in. It compliments http://needatopic.com well.

  • I will say that I love the cover of the book, just grabs me for some reason.

  • When I was in high school, I learned how to do front flips off of the low diving board.  At first, it was very scary, but then it became something I did because it was very fun.  I became good at doing full turns (a complete flip, head first) on the low dive.

    Something to keep in mind…  a 1.0 flip is one complete rotation, head first. 1.5 is one-and-a-half rotations, feet first, a 2.0 flip is two complete rotations, head first.

    Eventually, I went to the high dive… I did a few normal non-flipping jumps… and it was a bit scary… and exhiliarating.  Then I decided it was time to flip off the high dive.  I got myself psyched to jump and flip and then finally did it!  *Smack!*  I did a 1.75 flip and landed on my stomach.  And yes, it hurt real bad.

    So, after swimming to the edge of the pool and catching my breath, I tried again.  *Smack!*  Another 1.75 flip…  again, it hurt…  but I was determined to do any flip that was evenly divisible by 0.5.  So, up again the tall ladder I climbed.

    I gave a running jump and…  *SMACK!*  Another 1.75 flip.  I couldn’t take the pain anymore.  I crawled out of the pool and lay on my back for the next 10 minutes to settle from my blistering red stomach.  The life guard asked me if I was alright…  I told her that I would be fine, I just needed to rest.

    And honestly…  I never had any desire to try again.  lol  (But, still glad I tried it.)

    Over my lifetime, I’ve often taken a conventional path, but I’m learning more to be more adventurous, play, and create memories.  I even wrote a blog post about a recent fun time: http://preengaged.com/playing-frisbee-in-the-rain-variety-in-dating-activities.

  • If you’re in business or just starting a business you need to be asking yourself:
    1) What needs to be done?
    2) Who is responsible?
    3) When is it due by?

    I like this: If you want to be a good coach, figure out what other coaches are doing. Take what works, discard (or learn from) the rest. : Great thought. I try to do this everywhere. I always say that if I can learn from your actions and take what works and then avoid the mistakes you’ve made in your life, then I’m 2 steps ahead!