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Show Topics:

  • Bob Baker – making it in the music business
  • Self-publishing and giving away knowledge
  • Marketing any business with guerrilla techniques
  • Advice for starting and marketing a business today


Bob Baker writes about speaking and music from St. Louis, MO where he makes his living as an author, teacher, and speaker. Music marketing is his niche and he’s best known for Guerrilla Music Marketing.

He’s been writing and speaking for the past 20 years but his business has changed quite a bit, even in the past few years.

Bob discovered an interst in music and writing as far back as 11 years old. He’s self-employed now but wasn’t always. He’s had to take some day jobs along the way but he doesn’t ever plan on going back.

Bob’s advice is to figure out what you enjoy doing and then how you can serve people with it. Marketing is simply a strategic plan of sharing great stuff with people.

Bob BakerThink about how you can touch the most amount of people today? Through your art: music, writing, etc. That will help you prioritize your marketing. You don’t need 101 ideas; you just need two or three you can become great at doing.

You don’t need a roadmap. You’d be much better off with a compass. Many of us are looking for a roadmap, but just because someone else had success, doesn’t mean you will too.

“As you take action and interact with the world, doors open.”
– Bob Baker

Connect with Bob: @mrbuzzfactor and facebook.


I’d love to help you turn your ideas into a business that changes the world (and your bank account).  Here’s how.

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Author: Justin Lukasavige

I help businesses do business better and I love what I do.

  • This is a great episode! I was listening in my service van, but had to stop, wait, and listen at home because there are some great notes to take!

  • Glad you enjoyed, David!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been behind on my podcasts and caught up this weekend. So glad to have this interview available. A ton of good information. It seems just keep at it is a big lesson. Thanks Justin and Bob.

  • Thanks for hooking us up, Sutton.

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  • David’s right when he said there’s a lot of notes to take here!

    -Business is business. Doesn’t matter if your business is music or if it’s a coffee shop. The same principals apply to both. : This is a great point. One that keeps coming at me today and one I strongly believe in.
    -Bob made the point that your basic financial needs should be meet so you don’t work from a desperation stand point. : This is REALLY SOUND advice. …We’ll see how it goes.
    -“Use your brain instead of your bank account to get things done!” : One of the best quotes from the show and EXTREMELY sound advice. I’ve heard people say they can’t start a podcast right now b/c they don’t have equipment xyz (crap that costs $1,000’s of dollars). I tell them to start cheap, they may totally suck or hate it. You don’t have to START with the same equipment pros use, but you DO HAVE TO START.
    -How does what you do benefit others? : At http://www.abetterwayofbusiness.com I started without having all the details figured out. This is one I should have written in concrete prior to customer interactions. I assumed I could wing-it (which I’m pretty good at). But I didn’t expect to deal with someone who didn’t understand the basic concepts I was talking about, which caused me to stumble and feel embarrassed. Not sure I could have avoided feeling awkward, but having that figured out in stone would have helped!
    -Give chunks of your product away for free to your audience. : I liked this advice. I plan on doing just that.
    -Provide good content and label it correctly. : This is something that just came up with my new site. And I don’t know HOW to do it. Looks like I’ve got some research to perform!
    -Remind people that they are not alone. : Whatever it is you’re trying to help others with, there’s more than one of them in your audience (I Hope!), remind them of this!
    -Look at your to do list, figure out what’s most important, then focus on that. : Sounds so simple when it’s said / written, it’s a WHOLE NOTHER THING when you try and do it.
    -How can I impact the most amount of people positively, today! : THIS is what you should be thinking when you start each day at your business!
    -When it comes to marketing, pick 3 things you’re going to focus on and get REALLY good at them! : Good point and one I NEEDED to hear. I’m new to marketing, but I was trying to figure out how to apply ALL the methods I’ve been learning. Focus, implement, repeat.
    -It’s not about a roadmap, it’s about a compass! : I love this concept. I think David Siteman Garland was the first I heard to say this.
    -First steps to marketing / starting a business:
    1)Get introspective – figure out who you are and what you can offer others and what you’re good at
    2)Read and study
    3)Must make leap from knowing to doing
    4)Get something out into the world sooner rather than later! – It’s better to fail early in front of a few than later in front of many
    5)Start sharing what you have with the world in small bits!
    -Remember: There is no specific path to success. So figure out what you want and GO AFTER IT!