102 Coach Radio – Better Open Rate, Wasting Time on Twitter


Show Topics:

  • Better newsletter response rates
  • How to spend time on Twitter without wasting your time
  • How to get started as a coach
  • Is twitter adder a good service (I’m not linking it here if that tells you anything)
  • How I transitioned from a Financial Coach to a Life, then Business Coach
  • What marketing tools I’ve used to become successful


Lately I’ve had a much better response and open rate to emails.  I share why and what you can be doing with your newsletter to achieve the same.

I was approached with a question from someone whose wife thinks he’s wasting time on twitter when he’s supposed to be building a business.  That’s a tough one to tackle, but I have an answer.


What do I need to have in order before I get my first client as a marketing coach? What process do I need to follow in order to be successful? How much do I charge? How much time do I need in order to do this part-time?

Kathy asks if a service called twittradder is worth it.  From their website:

  • Step 1 : Login with your Twitter username & password (don’t ever give your username and password to a site, by the way)
  • Step 2 : We add 20 random friends (why in the world would you want this?)

Dan Holterhaus:

I am building a site through wordpress, it’s been trial and error thus far as I’m teaching myself how to do everything with help from the WordPress help site.  Can I ask you about how you went about transitioning from a financial coach, to a life and business coach?  What were some marketing tools you used that you thought, or still use to be successful?

I share some of my story and a few of the 101 Free and Low-cost ideas to grow your business.


I’d like to help you turn your ideas into a business that changes the world (and your bank account).  Here’s how I help.

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Author: Justin Lukasavige

I help businesses do business better and I love what I do.