100 Coach Radio – Celebrating, Changes for Me


Covered in today’s show:

  • A look back on 99 episodes
  • How I got into online radio and what it’s done for my business
  • An update on my goals: how I finished 2010


I’m celebrating 100 episodes on today’s show.  I started Coach Radio as a way to inspire people to start businesses that change the world.  I share how I got started, first in traditional radio, then building out a studio in my office to reach more people.  That’s where I’m coming from in this show.

My downloads for the past year:

  • December, 2009 downloads = 945
  • December, 2010 download = 7,714

I’m launching a new website for Coach Radio.  Rob is my design guy and I share why I’m not doing it on my own.

Saddleback iPad case give-a-way: Michael in Atlanta (@moebes).


Christopher Puckett –

I have been listening to your show and I’ve downloaded all of them from iTunes to listen to at work.  Don’t worry, I don’t a have job that you’re distracting me from public safety or anything; I just clean public bathrooms and throw out trash.  I’ve had this job for about 10 months and absolutely hate it (took for the money, which isn’t great).  I have what I believe is great idea for a website, blog and possibly a show, and maybe other products later on.  Nobody is doing content the way I intend to, but there are several websites related to the same subject, 8,730,000 come up in Google search results to be exact.  I am already working on the blog/video content, but I don’t know where to begin building my website.  Where should I go to get my domain name?  Also should I register this the same as I would any other business right away, you know Tax ID Number, name registration, etc. or wait until I begin selling products and services?  Also, do I need hosting and who do I use to host?  What are your thoughts.

Can you refer me to someone to help build my website on a small budget?  I’m just starting up and have a minimal budget, like $200 or less if possible.  Not, sure where to start and who to trust.

My thoughts on website hosting: godaddy vs. 1and1 vs. bluehost.

I’m leading an event with the Free Agent Academy at the end of January.  We’re spending three days in the mountains of Colorado to talk talk online foundation and strategy.  Maybe you can join us?

Jacob Funnell

One of my goals for 2011 is to go from $0 to $25k in profit. Is this attainable? How can I plan for this?  (My idea so far is to generate profit from two main areas, workshops and products based around personal finance. I’ve got this cool idea for a brand that I’ve been developing and creating material for: 24 Minutes to Financial Sanity. I’ve never done something like this before but wonder if giving myself a real goal will help me finally launch my idea and get profitable.)

Attainable?  Yes.  Likely?  No.  I explain on the show what I mean by that.  I do think it can be done, but it will be tough.  By the way, now you can get a free mentor.

Here’s a video on what it takes to be successful.

Matt Williams –

Today I listened to the Your Story episode with Dave Munson. First of all, what an incredible story and an incredible interview. That will definitely be in my library of shows to listen to over and over.  How do we start our own story? You and Dave spoke about people that don’t have a story of their own or if they do maybe it isn’t very interesting. Now that I’ve realized how important story is I’m here, pen in hand, ready to begin my own story. But where or how do I start?

Thanks for your guidance Justin!

“Say yes more than you say no.  Life is a whole lot more interesting when you do that.”

My three words for 2011: Kitchen, Owners, Stories.


I’d like to help you turn your ideas into a business that changes the world (and your bank account).  Here’s how I help.

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Author: Justin Lukasavige

I help businesses do business better and I love what I do.

7 thoughts on “100 Coach Radio – Celebrating, Changes for Me”

  1. Jason, what was that mentoring program you noted in this podcast episode? Thank you for taking the time to plan, produce and publish this show, I’m grateful to you for helping me learn some incredible DIY methods.

    Thank you very much,


  2. Justin, Thanks for addressing my question regarding starting my own story, that was a great answer. After listening to the show I chose the following three words to live by for 2011; yes, discipline, openness.

    “Yes” was inspired by the show. “Discipline” because I’ll need it to get my business up and running. “Openness” because I tend to be quite reserved and I need to transition into living a life where I put myself out there more.

    Thanks again for your guidance! -Matt

  3. Hey Justin, once again, thanks for your input on my question. I appreciate the honesty in your answer, and it only makes me want to dig in more to make my goal happen. Seems like I’ll definitely need all the guidance I can get. Let’s talk.

  4. Ok… I have notes for this that I’ll add later…. but I’m SO glad you skipped over the sex toy partnership. I’m proud of you.

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