094 Coach Radio – Get Your Book Published Through a Publisher


Covered in today’s show:

  • The process of traditional book publishing
  • Finding an agent (or do you need one?)
  • Creating a book proposal
  • Selling your idea
  • Advances and royalties


David Siteman Garland has been a guest on Coach Radio and is a friend of the show (here’s his story).  David built a his brand, seemingly overnight, and creatively turned it into a book which hits the shelves in December, 2010.

David’s book is Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: Non-boring fluff-free strategies for marketing and promoting your business.

David takes me through his process of starting from scratch and follows through with his book hitting the shelves.  He’s never written a book before this one so now you don’t have an excuse for doing it too.

David’s story is interesting because a publisher sought him out to write a book.  When they entered negotiations it only took seven days to complete and now his book will be released in less than one year from when he started.  The timeline for a book is usually about two years.

You must have a platform for a publisher to find you interesting.  They won’t market your book for you so you have to lead or be involved in a community.

A lot goes behind the scenes when with the first draft is complete.  David went through about ten edits to get to the finished product.

David defines advances and royalties and royalties to me.  His advance was in the five-figure range and was something he was very happy with, given his experience.

“Very few authors make a lot of money from royalties.” – David Garland

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