085 Coach Radio – Your Story: Sutton Parks – Living in a Car


085 Coach Radio – Your Story: Sutton Parks – Living in a Car

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Sutton ParksSutton Parks talks about about chasing a dream and living out of his car.  If you can believe it, he was thankful for it.  He moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a music career over 15 years ago.

Tony Robbins rocking chair test.  If you’re 70 years old sitting in a rocking chair, looking back on your life, would you have any regrets.

Sutton moved to Nashville with only $500 in his pocket.  He started a job working in the mail room of BMI music.  He was promoted eventually and spent six years in a computer room.  When a red light would go on, he’d call a computer programmer to fix it.

Sutton ended up hating his job, but couldn’t quit because he had a mortgage.  Sound familiar? His stuff ended up on the curb after a foreclosure when he was 37 years old.  Now he could quit the job he hated, but he had no where to live.

He ended up sleeping at a truck stop for nine months, living out of his car and being grateful for all he had.  Listen to hear just how grateful he really is.

Sutton started a cleaning business two years ago.  It gives him the freedom and flexibility to do what he loves during the day.

Reliable and Trustworthy is Sutton’s tag line in business and in life.

When Sutton wants something, he makes sure it’s important and goes after it.  He won’t stop until he gets it, but he does it smartly.

“Be grateful for everything and gratitude is an action.” – Sutton Parks

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Author: Justin Lukasavige

I help businesses do business better and I love what I do.

  • Archie

    Sutton, with your humbleness, gracious attitude, and amazing talent, you deserve greatness my friend. And I sense it coming your way, in a big way! This is a very inspirational podcast, one of your best Justin. Thanks.

  • Great interview and a great story. I think I will stop complaining about the little stuff now….

  • I’m done complaining too. No way I can do it anymore after talking to @suttonparks.

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  • Anonymous

    I really like his market research talk on pricing, the point about how you show God your grateful shouldn’t be overlooked – convicting.

    Do the best with what you have – more will be given to you. reminds me of the parable of the talents. Great stuff – great interview.

    “Reliable and Trustworthy”.

  • You’re right, Rob. there were so many great points in here. I’m still amazed at how Sutton lives his life.

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  • Suttonparks

    Thank you everyone. I’m sorry for the delay in replying to posts.

    When I focus on the problem, the problem gets bigger. When I focus on the solution, the solution gets bigger.

    Merry Christmas!


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  • Ivan Bickett

     This was an INSPIRING interview.

    Sutton, THANKS SO MUCH for showing me that every excuse I’ve used to NOT start a business is CRAP! You started a business while living in your car!!! That is AWESOME. And shows me how weak my excuses were / are.

    I love the Rocking Chair Test. I’ve heard of Tony Robins, used to watch some stuff about him back when I watched a lot of infomercials, but had never heard of that test. It’s great. Along the lines of “If you’re 70 years old and sitting in a rocking chair looking back over your life, what would you have wanted to try that you didn’t? NOW GO DO THAT THING!”

    It may sound morbid, but I’ve really been thinking lately, if I’m laying on my death bed tomorrow, will I be happy with how I’ve lived my life? If not, CHANGE IT! And I’ve realized, that up until recently, I wouldn’t be pleased if I knew I were to die tomorrow. Because in the past I have not tried to live out my dreams. I’ve dreamed my dreams and lived for pleasure now. Mostly in the form of video games and fiction books. BUT I WANT SO MUCH MORE! So now, I’m trying to do what needs to be done so I can LIVE my dreams NOW! And I’m getting there!

    You also said you learned to be grateful for what you do have instead of complaining about what you don’t have. MAN IS THAT GREAT ADVICE WE COULD ALL USE! I’m a HORRIBLE complainer. And if I have nothing to complain about, then I’ll complain about the lack of having something to complain about. How much must it suck to be around me sometime?! And you learned your lesson while living in a car. But you were thankful for having a warm / cool / dry / safe place to stay instead of under a bridge. That out look ROCKS!

    And I really don’t know how to put this one down in words right, but your outlook that you didn’t live in your car for nine months, but one night at a time, it just so happened that that stretched to nine months blew me away. It rang TRUE in my ears. You go on to explain how you realized that the Bible says you are not guaranteed tomorrow, only now, and that you just viewed it as “I only have to do this today b/c tomorrow might be different.” That blew me away. Seriously. I get overwhelmed with CRAP in life frequently. I look at this big ball of MESS that’s been going on for months and say, “I can’t take it.” But if I look at it just as, “This is just for today, tomorrow can be different.” That is a game changer to me. Great out look, Sutton.

    Again, great show, guys. I’ve been spreading this one around.

  • Nothing wrong with video games and fiction books but I think many people could stand waking up. It’s time to live their own lives instead of a virtual one. Create memorable moments at every opportunity.

  • Right on Ivan.  I need to be reminded of taking things one day at a time myself when the going gets a little tough every now and then.  Everything changes and passes; it’s all part of my past sooner or later.  haha!

  • Don’t we all need to be constantly reminded of what we’ve learned in the past? I know I do! It’s an ever ongoing battle for me.

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