077 Coach Radio – Your Story: Greg Ng – A Show About Frozen Food?


075 Coach Radio – Your Story: Greg Ng – A Show About Frozen Food?

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Greg Ng freezer burnsGregory Ng joins me to talk about building his brand through a web show called Freezer Burns where he reviews frozen foods.

Greg was on Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV pairing frozen food with wine.

“The offline connections are where new viewers are coming from.”

Greg’s had up to 40,000 people watching a live review on Ustream.

How are you growing your community?

Engaging users one at a time pays off in the end.  He tries to answer every relevant comment one at a time.  He does a question of the day to engage people.  Sometimes he uses online casino a pop culture and other inside things to engage viewers.  Test Greg by leaving a comment here and see if he engages with you.

“Give them something to promote for you.”

First step to grow a community: put your head down and crank out content.

Greg’s first goal was to turn Freezer Burns into a show.

Cool outcomes for Greg since he started: his name in the Wall Street Journal, seeing his face on the front of YouTube, being recognized in the freezer aisle at Super Target.

In this episode, Greg also shares tips for anyone wanting to start a show.

Greg monetizes by preroll and overlay ads in his videos and splits it with his network.

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Author: Justin Lukasavige

I help businesses do business better and I love what I do.

  • Anonymous

    Ok everyone! Bring on the questions!

  • Ryan Brewer

    Any plans to review any other types of foods? Maybe out of the ordinary beverages?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve thought about it and it alway comes down tot the struggle of staying true to the niche ive worked so hard to establish and expanding my reach. Would you care what I have to say about non-frozen beverages?

  • Ryan Brewer

    The frozen food is a really awesome niche and its quite entertaining. Your right. Stick with it

  • Outdoorgeartv

    Great interview…thanks for the direction and ideas..Here in the next week i am launching my video review site and you had some great tips for me


  • Can’t wait to take a look at the site, James. Let me know when it’s live.

  • Ivan Bickett

    Ok. Let me start by outing my own judgmental nature. I’ve seen Greg on other sites, like The Rise to the Top, and I’ve never listened to an interview. 100% because I frequently eat frozen food. And I don’t enjoy it, but it’s what I eat to save money. Why would I ever want to listen to a show about frozen food???

    Now, I can tell you why I’d want to listen to Greg. This episode is in the top 3 of CoachRadio.tv shows in terms of GREAT, VALUE PACKED CONTENT! This show freaking ROCKED!

    Here’s some of my take aways:

    I love how Greg discussed doing both live shows online and doing live shows in person. This helps him interact with people virtually and face to face. This allows him to get his message out to two different, possibly overlapping segments, those that only want to interact on the net and those that would never look him up online but love what they see face to face. Now granted, I have very little experience, but I’ve already seen where some folks in business are pushing their business ONLY by doing stuff online. And that could work for some businesses, but if you business is coaching and it relies on interaction between two people, frequently two people face to face, I think you’re doing you and your business a disservice if you only try to promote yourself online. Turn off your computer and get out there and shake some hands! Give a speech. Put on a workshop. Let people see you’re a REAL HUMAN BEING. Great advice, Greg.

    Greg, when you said this it rang so true in my ears, but it’s the complete opposite of the approach I was taking. You said one of your keys to success was cranking out content early so you could own your niche. I swear a light bulb flashed into supernova intensity in my head when you said that. B/c I’ve been thinking the complete opposite. My thought was put out content twice a week in the beginning and then when people start paying attention I’d start cranking up the content. BUT HOW IN THE WORLD WILL PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION TO ME IF I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH CONTENT OUT THERE TO DRAW THEIR ATTENTION?!?! You pointed out that by producing tons of content early you achieved two things. First, you OWNED your niche. Second, you honed your skills by doing it. I know I need to improve myself, how better to do that than by experience? Again, this was just awesome!

    You also went on and discussed the need to engage your audience. You stressed answering emails in a timely matter and answering relevant comments posted on your material. Again, sound advice. I HATE when I email someone and never hear back. Thanks for letting me know I’m not important. I appreciate it. I’m not saying you should write me a book, but some acknowledgment would be nice. And I try to always leave relevant comments. But getting interaction from someone b/c of a comment I left makes it even better.

    Now I like this saying, even if I don’t fully comprehend it. Greg said, once you give your audience great content you then transition into giving them something to promote for you. I’m pretty sure this is an important statement, but it’s not clicking through my head yet.

    Yall also had a great discussion on growing your community. Greg said there was only 2 points, but I broke it down into 5. First, crank out content early. As Justin likes to say, implement and be consistent. Second, build a focused business. You need to understand what you want to do with your business; who you want to associate with; and what are your rules / guidelines for your business. Third, to show exactly how important it is, you stressed cranking out content, again. DO IT! And do it for a long time, don’t give up after 3 shows or posts b/c no one’s watching / reading you. Fourth, be consistent. In producing, in message, in what you’re aiming at, and who you’re targeting. And fifth, show dedication to putting out content and interacting with your audience.

    I also like the way you stressed that if your heart isn’t in it for the right reason you’ll sooner or later lose passion and give up. Don’t just chase the money aspect.

    Guys, this show was AWESOME! I know I wrote a book, but it’s a great way to summarize what I’ve learned and Disqus allows me to see all my comments so I can come back to them and make sure I apply the lessons. THANKS!

  • Greg: The Frozen Food Master

    Ivan, Thanks for your well-thought out comment. First off, glad you took a chance and listened to this interview. Secondly, I am glad that you were able to get something out of it!

  • Ivan Bickett

    Ha! I was TOTALLY wondering if you were going to reply since it’s been so long since the interview.

    It made my day that you did. SO GLAD to see you’re still TOTALLY AWESOME!

    And I’m SO THANKFUL I listened to the show. You’re a REAL inspiration and you’ve taught me a TON! Can’t wait to crank up my content output and see how that positively affects the future success of my business.

    Thanks for all the great information, Greg!

  • Greg: The Frozen Food Master

    Email me your site. Would love to check it out. And to give you some suggestions for “good” frozen food that still saves you money 😉

  • Ivan Bickett

    AWESOME! Thanks, Greg.

    My blog, which I’m using as the foundation to launch my business on (first client two weekends ago, supposed to sit down with second this week! …small steps… make me EXCITED), is at:


    My email is: [email protected]:disqus .com

    Looking to move the blog to the domain (abetterwayofbusiness.com) within the next 4 weeks or so.

    I’d love to know if you think I’m saying anything of value or just blowing smoke. I haven’t honed my niche I’m aiming at, yet. I figured it’s better to DO SOMETHING than to sit around and THINK “Which target market am I after?” Especially since I could do all the thinking in the world and the realize it was totally wrong when I finally started doing it.

    As far as frozen dinners, I usually stick to Boston Market. They tend to not leave my mouth tasting like I ate road kill. I usually eat what I call the “edible meat patty” with mac and cheese (I think they call it Salisbury Steak and Mac and Cheese) or what I call the “beef substitute” with egg noodles (I think they call it Beef Steak with Noodles).

    My typical philosophy is food has to be edible, not always good. But I’d prefer both. Especially any recommendations you can make that don’t leave a horrid after-taste.
    And please let me know if there’s ever a way I can help you out. I’ve already emailed myself to check out your site / shows when I get home.

  • Of course Greg would reply. That’s the kind of guy he is and is why he’s grown so big.

  • I love that you posted this comment, Ivan. I was on the show with Greg obviously, but even I learned from reading your take-a-ways.

  • Ivan Bickett

    I agree. Greg is definitely the real deal! I’m so glad I was introduced to him here. I’m looking forward to learning from him going forward!

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