072 Coach Radio – Create a Story with Your Business


072 Coach Radio – Create a Story with Your Business

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I just returned from Don Miller’s Storyline conference. Kevin Miller and I recorded a podcast from the streets of Portland and I’ll release that as a special in the next two days.  I’ll also be blogging about some of the things I’ve learned, so stay tuned.

CoachU is happening in a few weeks?  Will you join us to kick your coaching business into profitability?

Steve called in to ask a question on speaking. He wants to know how general or specific to be in topics.

Matt writes to say:

Thank you for all the wisdom you spread via your blog, podcast, and twitter. I am a recent follower of everything on CoachRadio.tv.

Before I get to the questions I would like to ask I have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your tweets from the Outer Banks. Growing up as a kid we would go there every summer; Kitty Hawk, Nags Head, the Wright Brothers memorial. While I currently reside in Colorado, the Outer Banks, to this day, is my favorite place in the world. It was so exciting to hear about your travels on the island. Thank you for that trip down memory lane!

For years I have studied success literature in an effort to harvest the skills needed to own my own business and generally become the best person I can be. After digesting tons of material I found that there was one area where I needed more guidance; how do I apply this to my life?

Out of frustration I developed my own ideas and methods for achieving my goals and would like to share this with others. I am adept at making and sticking to plans and have a knack for simplifying concepts for others. To this end I have started a blog but I want to take this further and work with individuals or groups helping them succeed.

  • Is there a need out there for a practical, hands on coach to help people get through the logistics of making their dreams a reality?
  • Is my focus too broad by not concentrating on finance or career coaching?
  • Am I looking at life coaching but don’t know it?

Chapter covered from Become a Coach – “I Trained with Dave Ramsey’s Team; How Many Referrals can I Expect?

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Author: Justin Lukasavige

I help businesses do business better and I love what I do.

  • Ivan Bickett

    I think A Million Miles in a Thousand Years has impacted you as much as me. I have picked up on its influence in your shows NUMEROUS times. I tell Skye the book was GROUND shaking to me. It really has changed my outlook on life. And it made me realize I want to write a BETTER story going forward.

    Also, I keep getting concerned by this whole, “If people aren’t coming to you for advice already then you probably shouldn’t be a coach (or whatever you want to call it).” B/c people DON’T come to me for advice very often. And I think you hit on why they haven’t been coming to me in the past. Lack of marketing the fact that I’m available. B/c in the past, I would talk to some people, but not many. Mostly b/c I was operating from a scarcity mentality. Partially b/c I’m not surrounding myself with people that are even INTERESTED in starting and running a business.

    I realize it will be a challenge to get my name out, but I believe I’ll have the same challenge in any business I start, unless I went the franchise way, which I’m not interested in.

    Great show, Justin.

  • The best thing you can do is live it, Ivan. If people don’t know what you’re about they won’t ask questions.

    We got out of debt very aggressively. People saw what we were doing and started asking questions. Be the person your market wants to become. They’ll come running in droves.