044 Coach Radio – Promote a Book, Host Your Own Online Show


044 Coach Radio – Promote a Book, Host Your Own Online Show

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In today’s show I talk about promoting a book and hosting your own online show.

Brent Green called in to ask about how I promoted Become a Coach.

Book Promotion Ideas

  • Create a URL specifically for your book
  • Write about things that relate to your book on your blog
  • Market through your newsletter
  • Talk about where people can buy your book
  • Answer questions in forums about topics relating to your book
  • Talk to people online (twitter, facebook, linkedin) – they all lead back to your website
  • Create a group or page on facebook around your book’s topic
  • Solicit reviews for your website and Amazon
  • Get it in the hands of sneezers – blog tour, podcasters, radio and TV people, etc.
  • Send it to people who can be helped by the book’s content – blow them away by doing it free; they’ll talk
  • Network in-person and talk about it
  • Add a map of readers to your website

More tips on getting your book out there by Chris Brogan.

Ryan emailed to ask about starting his own podcast.  He wanted to know how to get started, where to host the files, and more.

How to start a podcast in wordpress

I use lisyn.com for hosting.

I wrote an article on the differences between Dreamhost vs. GoDaddy vs. 1and1 and which is best to use.

I mentioned community and that I’m a professor at faatrial.com.  Let me know what you think of the video I put together there.

I was interviewed last week by David Siteman Garland and spent some time addressing how to start your own online show.  Here’s the video.

Chapter covered from Become a CoachCan an Introvert be a Great Coach?


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4 thoughts on “044 Coach Radio – Promote a Book, Host Your Own Online Show”

  1. Justin, you mentioned that I had excellent sound quality during our interview. I use a Panasonic Headset that I purchased at my local Publix Supermarket (yes a grocery store) for $9.99 about two years ago. I use it for all my recordings and anything else I do online. It works great and hasn't let me down at all. Sometimes simple=best.

  2. You know I almost skipped this one because of the title, but I’m glad I listened to it. Packed full with a lot of great marketing tips.

    So far I skipped one show (I’ve listened to probably 75 plus of David Siteman Garland’s shows so I skipped his) and stopped two others (one had very poor audio quality on the guest’s part, I think he kept moving from his mic, the other just couldn’t keep my attention). I’m amazed at how well your shows keep my attention. I don’t believe in ADD, but I have EVERY symptom (and then some I think), and most things bore me pretty quickly. You just keep throwing out great content though.

    I’m glad to hear a DISC style doesn’t preclude people from a profession. I’ve wondered the same thing myself. I’m very high CD (over 8 for C and 7.9 something D) and very negative I and S. But when folks talk to me about something I’m interesting I’m ALL OVER IT! But if you put me in a room with 10 people I don’t know, I’ll tend to be in a corner, until someone asks me about something I get excited about. Then I take over b/c I get so excited and I’m fairly animated. Was on a Skype call with someone on Friday night from FAA (Joshua Gordon) and he said, “You must be really high I” and I said, “Not at all. Very negative there actually. You’re just asking me about something I like to talk about. Me!”

    What Deb Ingino taught me at FAA is that I don’t have a “bad” personality or strengths, I just need to find the most positive and productive environment to use them. That has helped my mind set TREMENDOUSLY!

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