041 Coach Radio: Your Story – Jay Peroni


041 Coach Radio – Your Story: Jay Peroni

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Jay Peroni has rebuilt his business a number of times as a financial advisor. He became a millionaire at age 27.

He figured out that living in the North East wasn’t a good fit for his family.  To figure out where they should move they went to findyourspot.com and traveled throughout the east coast to find a new place to live.

Jay’s faith is what kept him motivated while he was getting his business off the ground.

Jay has two books in print and has created at least four more eBooks along with many other products to offer his community.

“What is the market looking for and telling you it needs? Solve that problem.” – Jay Peroni

Jay tells me he worked 8-5 while writing books and building his business.

He found a few hours every day after he put his kids to bed to write his books.

As a result of his books, Jay has picked up clients, made extra income, has had multiple TV and radio interviews, and has expanded his audience.

Jay’s goal is to reach 1,000,000 people by 2018.  Book sales, twitter, facebook, forums, groups, downloads, etc.

How is Jay is getting the word out:

  • social media (facebook, forums, twitter)
  • word of mouth
  • speaking

Jay’s thoughts on book publishing:

  • It’s often more difficult to find an agent than it is to find a publisher.  Jay did it through hard work, persistence and networking.  His next book is about incorporating your faith and values throughout your life.
  • Have a platform or an audience.  The publisher will not do all of the promotion for you and likely won’t even have a promotional budget.

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