012 Coach Radio – Six Figure Coaching Model


012 Coach Radio – Six Figure Coaching Model

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I was a little scared in this episode because there’s a lot of hype out there (mostly online) about making absurd amounts of money as a coach — or any business for that matter.

This isn’t online casino a pie in the sky or head in the clouds sort of plan.  I take you step by step through the plan that I’ve used and help my clients achieve.  I also share with you why I don’t stick to this plan any more.  The answer may surprise you.

Resources mentioned in this show:

Become a Coach

Here’s the Past Due: Money and Life Boot Camp that my team leads in our community.

Author: Justin Lukasavige

I help businesses do business better and I love what I do.

8 thoughts on “012 Coach Radio – Six Figure Coaching Model”

  1. This is GOLD! GREAT information. I’ve been really wondering how to get multiple streams of revenue going if you’re providing advice (I know that’s breaking it WAY down). This was great.

    Honestly, though. I’m shocked I’m the only commenter. Do you get stats on people listening to your past shows? B/c the only way I could think no one else has commented on this one is b/c they haven’t heard it. Have you ever considered maybe once a week, or every two weeks, or once a month maybe going back and picking out some great past shows and highlighting them? Maybe you could do a single blog post and say I’ve been asked about such and such and this and that and you know what? Here’s several shows where I talk about these items.

    I’m sure you’ve probably thought about this already. I’m just shocked no one else has jumped on here and comment on the value of the material / discussion.

  2. Great idea, Ivan. It is way back in the archives, obviously. I had only been
    doing the show for three months at that point. In the stats I see you
    listened to it this month but no one last month. Maybe you could spread the
    word to folks within places like FAA?

  3. Great minds… think a like. I was planning on putting something on Facebook when I got home. (shaking my head) But I hadn’t thought about FAA. I KNOW this could be beneficial to NUMEROUS members there. I’m on it this afternoon.

  4. Perhaps there could be an Archives page as one of the level-2 pages on this site, with posts and episodes sorted by topic/category. That’s one of the things about a blog: in order for non-front-page content to easily be accessible to new visitors, an simple list can be in place. The “Popular Posts” on the right-hand column is a good way to start. The drop-down “Archives” shows the consistency and age of the blog (content posted each month here since Nov 2009.

    One blogger I know who does an Archives page very well is Frank Viola.

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